1. 01. Physium Multitherapy

    It offers a detailed assessment of injuries of the musculoskeletal and myofascial system. Restrictions, such as those related to …

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  2. 02. Myofascial Acupunture

    This therapeutic method, which belongs to the energetic medicine, is used to improve, restore and/or maintain a state of …

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  3. 03. Masaje

    Sorry, this entry is only available in ESP.

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  4. 04. Lymphatic Drainage

    The main cause for fluids retention (interstitial retention) is the inefficiency of the lymphatic return system, which can become …

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  5. 05. Quantum Bioresonance

    Stress, in its widest sense, is perhaps the most common ill of our time and one of the main …

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  6. 06. Craneosacral Therapy

    This manual technique will subtly assist in detecting and correcting the craneosacral system’s imbalances which can cause sensitive, motor …

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  7. 07. Emotional Code & Body Code

    After years looking for ways to help our patients we have gone one step further and we are now …

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  8. 08. Medestec. Diathermy

    Diathermy that generates hyperthermia, producing a regeneration of the cellular tissue. This treatment’s sensation is a nice warm feeling …

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  9. 09. Oligoscan. Analytics

    The OLIGOSCAN is an exclusive analysis on the unbalance of minerals in the organism, accumulation of toxic wastes, and …

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