Amaina Sessions


First contact will be crucial in order to understand your case and find the right approach for the treatment you may require. You will have at your disposal all the information on the protocol as well as our advice.

We want to listen to your body.


Each patient presents certain needs and requires individualised treatments specifically tailored to suit his/her features or pathologies. With that in mind, we can guide and monitor the treatment in different meetings.
Accordingly, we provide you with “Amaina’s Intensive”: 3 hours of treatment designed for travellers as well as top sportsmen and women who require an intense approach to reduce both their rehabilitation periods and to ensure full performance.

Amaina’s professionals combine their counselling sessions with the physiotherapeutic attention in all kind of sporting events. In addition, they also take part in the training of new professionals.


Amaina sessions have lasted 60 minutes and are charged at 70 euros.

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